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By requesting a Proctor Login, you agree that you abide by the terms and conditions below:

As an integral component of school-based agricultural education, AEST is obligated to report cases of student, teacher, chaperone or proctor dishonesty to the school district.

All registered students and proctors have an ethical obligation to adhere to honesty and integrity policies as outlined by AEST.

Improper Online Testing use includes:

  • Having or providing unauthorized outside help when completing online assessments.
  • Obtaining access to confidential test materials or questions before online assessments.
  • Agriculture teachers being in the room during online testing and/or certification.
  • Proctors must not administer tests to their family members.
  • Taking a test for someone else or permitting someone else to take a test for you.

A third-party designated proctor must administer all FFA related exams and AEST certifications. Third-party proctor must have received notification of and agree to these policies and may be required to submit documentation certifying the integrity of the online exam process. A third-party proctor cannot be the agriculture teacher(s).

Examples of acceptable third-party proctors include: school administrators, computer lab coordinators, media specialists, guidance counselors, testing coordinators, teachers not affiliated with the agriculture program, other non-instructional school or school district officials.

As a registered proctor, I understand all of the above and agree not to share my AEST account credentials with anyone.